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Lawrence Sieberth
& Jan Luley

"A Century Of Jazz Piano" - New Orleans Piano, Swing, Contemporary Jazz, World Music

Lawrence Sieberth from New Orleans and Jan Luley play a uniquely versatile concert on the keyboards of their instruments. With over a century of jazz history in their fingers, they master both classical jazz and world music and contemporary styles. They interpret the timeless works of the great jazz legends and enrich their repertoire with their own compositions. In their program, Sieberth and Luley combine a wide variety of piano styles, breathtaking runs, rousing grooves and entertaining background information and take their audience on a highly virtuoso journey through the decades of jazz history. They play on both one and two pianos and impress both as soloists and with their masterful interplay.

Pianist, composer and producer Lawrence Sieberth is at home in virtually any musical setting. While his musical vision is rooted in jazz, he prefers to bring together the many facets of music and performance into a compelling, all-encompassing experience. His own neo-bop improvisations and experimental leanings combine with his classical and world music influences to provide a wide musical canvas for his performances as well as compositions for television, film and stage.

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