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Kreolische Volksmusik, brasilianischer Choro & Creole New Orleans Music

Music that captivates, can be infinitely melancholic, and then exudes exuberant happiness. Pianist Jan Luley has taken on this music and, in a duo with Thomas L'Etienne on clarinet and saxophone, plays old Creole folk music and Brazilian choro, as well as the original compositions of the great Creoles of New Orleans jazz, such as Jelly Roll Morton or Sidney Bechet. Music that is hardly played anymore these days. Original pieces and modern timbres combine to create the unmistakable Boonoonoonous sound. Thomas L'Etienne is a specialist in Creole and South American music. The Hamburg musician with French roots lived in New Orleans for a long time and regularly spends part of the year in Rio.


"Boonoonoonous" is a word from the Jamaican Creole Patois and means "wonderful". Wonderful music that seems to have been made for Jan Luley and Thomas L'Etienne, in which they can bring in their deep understanding of the blues as well as their light-as-a-feather, rapid virtuosity across all registers of their instruments.

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