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Pianist, composer and singer Jan Luley studied jazz piano in Arnhem, Holland. At the same time, he learnt from the pianists in New Orleans and has been closely involved with the music scene there for over two decades. In the combination of influences from traditional jazz, mainstream, blues and Creole music with elements of contemporary listening and playing habits, Jan Luley finds his very own musical statement with a high recognition factor. In his music, which he likes to call "Contemporary New Orleans Style Piano", he processes songs from the birthplace of jazz and juxtaposes them with his own compositions. 

"Jan Luley is an allrounder in jazz. His fingers never stop producing new ideas, the riskiest of rhythms from the old jazz of New Orleans are superimposed onto one another, the blue notes are always in just the right place, every cadence is harmonized differently, and the melodies are developed from motifs so sensuously that you never lose the thread of the songs and yet are continually surprised by the new licks and sophisticated phrases."


(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 2018)

Good Morning Heartache - Ginea "Adi Wolf" & Jan Luley

Good Morning Heartache - Ginea "Adi Wolf" & Jan Luley

recorded October 10th, 2023 Ginea "Adi" Wolf - vocals ( @BeautG ) Jan Luley - piano contact: LULEYMUSIC Records E-Mail: 🇺🇸 Ginea "Adi" Wolf is originally from Bermuda and came to Germany via London. The singer, songwriter, actress and painter, who lives in Hamburg, is "the voice to be heard," as the magazine "L'Afritude" wrote. Her voice masters all nuances between silky breathed fog and the eruption of a volcano. At the same time, the music flows out of her completely naturally, is emotionally profound to exuberantly cheerful and relaxed. Jan Luley has been one of the top European jazz pianists for many years. With his style, which is usually as melodic as it is groovy, he refers to the stylistic diversity in New Orleans between tradition and modernity and combines classical jazz with influences from world music, gospel and New Orleans rhythm'n'blues. His music is timeless, versatile, pianistically on the highest level and in addition a deep bow to the musical tradition from New Orleans in a refreshingly contemporary realization. 🇩🇪 Ginea "Adi" Wolf stammt ursprünglich aus Bermuda und ist über London nach Deutschland gekommen. Die Sängerin, Songwriterin, Schausspielerin und Malerin, die in Hamburg wohnt, ist „the voice to be heard“, wie das Magazin „L‘Afritude“ schrieb. Ihre Stimme beherrscht sämtliche Nuancen zwischen seidig hingehauchten Nebel und dem Ausbruch eines Vulkans. Dabei fließt die Musik vollkommen natürlich aus ihr heraus, ist emotional tiefgehend bis überschäumend fröhlich und locker. Jan Luley gehört seit vielen Jahren zur Spitze europäischer Jazz-Pianisten. Mit seinem meist ebenso melodischen wie groovigen Stil nimmt er Bezug auf die stilistische Vielfalt in New Orleans zwischen Tradition und Moderne und verbindet klassischen Jazz mit Einflüssen aus Weltmusik, Gospel und New Orleans Rhythm'n'Blues. Seine Musik ist zeitlos, vielseitig, pianistisch auf höchstem Niveau und dazu eine tiefe Verbeugung vor der musikalischen Tradition aus New Orleans in erfrischend zeitgemäßer Umsetzung.
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