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Monique B. Thomas (USA/F)

Monique Thomas, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a unique singer whose specialty is being fluent in many different styles of music. From jazz to soul, gospel to pop, Monique is able to switch genres in an instant, creating something new while still maintaining her own artistic signature.

Her concerts and work as a singing teacher have taken her to France (where she currently lives), Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Croatia, Thailand, Germany, Belarus, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark and Martinique.



CLEO from Hamburg is one of the most promising newcomers among young European singers, because her music breathes the depth and emotional intensity of the blues. Her voice leaves you feeling like velvet and chili and she knows how to use it in a disarmingly natural and virtuoso way.

Her debut CD “Let Them Talk”, produced by Jan Luley, was awarded the German Record Critics’ Quarterly Prize in autumn 2017.


Nina Michelle

Canadian singer Nina Michelle was encouraged at a young age by none other than Dizzy Gillespie, a long-time friend of her family. He had a strong influence on her musical development and encouraged her to passionately pursue her path as a jazz singer.


Committed to a German record production, her path led her permanently to Europe and her second home, Munich. For more than 20 years she has toured all over Europe and shared the stage with the Max Greger Big Band, Hugo Strasser, Charlie Antolini and many others. Her voice can also be heard in numerous CD and TV productions.

Nina Michelle is a guarantee for groovy and swinging, classic jazz. With her elegant, powerful voice, which "lays like a gentle mist over the musical landscape" (Claus Regnault, Süddeutsche Zeitung), she creates an exclusive atmosphere at each of her concerts.

Thomas l'Etienne, clarinet and tenor saxophone

Thomas l'Etienne

Thomas L'Etienne (clarinet, tenor saxophone) is a specialist in Creole and South American music as well as jazz-oriented New Orleans rhythm'n'blues. He has been a congenial partner for Jan Luley in various line-ups for many years. The Hamburg musician with French roots lived in New Orleans for a long time and regularly spends part of the year in Rio de Janeiro.

Concert programs:

  • Boonoonoonous - A declaration of love to Creole music

  • New Orleans Classics Of R'n'B & Swing

Ryan Carniaux trumpet NewYork

Ryan Carniaux (USA)

Ryan Carniaux, born in New York City, played trumpet in various bands as a teenager, including John Allmark's jazz orchestra. With a scholarship, he studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston from 1998 to 2002 before moving to Europe in 2003 and completing a master's degree in "Jazz Trumpet" at the Conservatorium Maastricht/NL from 2005 to 2007. Carniaux has already played with many well-known jazz greats from Europe and the USA, including Manfred Schoof, Gerd Dudek, Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Misha Mengelberg, David Liebman, Jerry Bergonzi and Mark Murphy.


Tommie Harris (USA)

Tommie Harris, the 85-year-old blues, jazz and gospel singer from the USA, is a living legend in the music world. His unique voice and distinctive style have made him one of the best known and most respected artists in his genre in Germany and Europe.

In 1987 he was inducted into the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. Tommie had his own band, but also accompanied musicians such as Gene "Mighty Flea" Conners, Ron Ringwood, Lindy Huppertsberg and others. He played drums in Luther Allison's last live band and with many internationally known musicians such as Jimmy Reed, Sam & Dave, Lillian Boutté, Big Jay McNeely, Al Copley, Red Holloway, Brother Jack McDuff and Chicago Bean.

Harris is best known today for his blues and gospel singing, but he also masters other genres such as jazz and R&B. His powerful and expressive voice immediately captivates the audience with its very own timbre.

Even in his old age, Tommie Harris is still active and performs regularly. He is a role model for many young artists and regularly passes on his experience and spirit at gospel workshops throughout Europe.

Concert programs:

  • A Soulful Gospel Christmas

  • Mr. Harris is talking - Blues, Gospel & Swing Favorites

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